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When it comes to borrowing money for practically any reason, a Southern Personal Loan is a great choice. After all, what is Southern Hospitality if we aren’t lending you a hand? With flexible terms and borrowing limits, we work with you to find a loan that fits your needs. The loans may be secured or unsecured. We make financing convenient and affordable with set monthly payments and fixed interest rates. Learn more about your loan options:

  • Cash Reserve
  • Vehicle Leasing
  • Home Equity Line
  • Credit Cards
  • Automotive

Ash Reserve Line of Credit*

In case of an emergency or accidental overdraft, Cash Reserve can be a lifesaver. Just write a check and write yourself a loan anytime, anywhere.

Get an automatic line of credit built right into your checking account to cover overdrafts.
Use your own checks or make a loan directly from your reserve account with special Cash Reserve checks.

There is no charge to establish a Cash Reserve. – Finance charges only accrue when you use it.
Funds are advanced to your checking account in the amount that you need.
Reserve Plus Line of Credit*
This has all the advantages of Cash Reserve, plus larger lines of credit are available at lower interest rates. The variable interest rate you pay is based on the amount of credit line approved and is tied to Southern Bank’s prime rate.

Home Equity Line

A Southern Bank EquityLine allows you to borrow using the equity you’ve built in your home and taking advantage of the current low rates, as well as the potential tax deductibility. Pay for you child’s education, buy a car, renovate the kitchen or take that second honeymoon you’ve been dreaming about by writing an EquityLine check.

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