Personal Trust and Estate Administration Services of Bank

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Personal Trust and Estate Administration Services is a great service for a Bank. Every bank has this service. Through personal trust offerings, which you can establish a designated relationship with ANB that allows the bank to behave as your trustee or agent, preserving title to designated assets and managing them for your benefit (and that of your named beneficiaries). Revocable or irrevocable trusts may also be headquartered for the period of your lifetime or you could create testamentary trusts through the phrases of your will.

Personal Trust and Estate Administration Services of Bank

Below a trust relationship, ANB will aid be certain that your wealth is managed in line with your wants, now and for future generations. We will also help:

    Lessen estate and present taxes
    Protect your privacy
    Hinder the delays and publicity of probate
    Make sure that your property remains professionally managed should you come to be incapacitated

Qualified Terminal Interest Property

Designed to be certain your detailed beneficiaries cannot be modified towards your wishes, while still keeping the unlimited marital deduction

Dynasty trust
Allows you to keep assets in believing for generations to return, and removes publicity to taxes as wealth passes to every generation

Irrevocable lifestyles coverage believe
Supplies flexibility and liquidity for meeting the financial desires of your beneficiaries, decreasing and paying property taxes, and replacing inheritance misplaced to property taxes

Additional Choices

1.    Living trusts
2.    Revocable trusts
3.    Irrevocable trusts
4.    Testamentary trusts
5.    Credit shelter trusts
6.    Marital trusts
7.    Family trusts
8.    Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (GRATS)
9.    Grantor Retained Uni trusts (GRUTS)
10.    Custody services

Choosing a trustee is an important personal decision. Our Trust Management team can offer professional knowledge and expertise as impartial investment and trust administration advisors. You will know your wealth is being managed according to your wishes, with as much or as little involvement as you like in the day-to-day activities.
With Trust Administration Services, we can help you:

  1. Plan for your future.
  2. Provide for your family.
  3. Distribute your assets according to your expressed wishes.
  4. Minimize potential income and estate taxation.

We also can relieve the burden of complex executorship duties from family members, and provide impartial, experienced assistance to avoid errors and delays in settling your estate.
With Estate Administration Services, we can coordinate the estate settlement process by:

  1. Executing the specific instructions of your will.
  2. Collecting income and dividends – such as those from estate assets.
  3. Maintaining records.
  4. Coordinating payment of your final debts and expenses.
  5. Managing assets through probate, as needed.
  6. Filing of all applicable estate and personal tax returns.

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