Investments and Brokerage

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In a world of complex, often confusing investment choices, Southern Investment Services has contracted with Infinex Investments, Inc. to provide help. Managing your financial affairs to comfortably meet your future needs may be one of the most challenging tasks of your lifetime. Achieving financial security will ultimately depend on your ability to balance your expectations with your capacity to undertake investment risks.

In short, your future success will depend on your investment knowledge. Most people simply don’t have the time or the expertise. That’s where Infinex can help. Infinex’s experienced Financial Consultants bring their skills together with your investment objectives. They’ll help you develop a plan that matches your risk and reward expectations. With easy access to financial markets, you can utilize programs, asset allocation programs, individual securities such as stocks and bonds, mutual funds and tax advantaged investments to build your portfolio.

If you would like information about FINRA, please visit their website at

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ATM/Visa Check Card

Here’s the card that can really simplify your life. Visa Check Card from Southern Bank. It works like a check and it doubles as your ATM card. And since it’s part of the Visa network, you can use it at any Visa merchant to make purchases.

Whenever you use your Visa Check Card for purchases, the transactions are automatically deducted from your checking account. Your purchases are detailed on your monthly checking account statement.

Since your Visa Check Card is your ATM card too, you can make deposits1, cash withdrawals, transfers, and access account information at all Southern Bank ATMs. You can also access your money at ATMs around the world displaying the NYCE®, PLUS®, or Visa® logos.

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