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The Very best Insurance Rates

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In fact, studies show that a lot of folks do not even contemplate health insurance till when they’re married or have kids. Though it ought to appear unnecessary, the simplest time to begin pondering health insurance is whereas you’re young and nonetheless comparatively fit. You just can find your self-paying the subsequent insurance rate or premium assuming you’re still healthy sufficient to qualify for health insurance at

Sadly, some shoppers are underneath the misunderstanding that they’ll get by while not telling their possible health insurance supplier negative aspects managing their health so as to qualify for greater rates and coverage amounts. Sadly what those self-same individuals fail to comprehend is that normally most health insurance firms and suppliers need a medical pre-screening or physical before they really offer medical insurance coverage. This medical test joint with a radical appear over a personality’s prior records recognize any recent health ailments, which survive with the possible insurance.

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If you exam the economics facet of health insurance you’ll appear that required to ensure you whereas you’re in your absolute very best health. For this, it suggests that more money taken in from the premiums you pay and fewer money paid out based mostly on your lack of eager to receive regular medical care outside of routine checkups and medical emergencies. Health insurance firms have gotten therefore intelligent at this that need 3 differing types of coverage rates or premiums they classify shoppers into based mostly on their health. Those classes are normal, most popular and most popular and. the well-liked and premium is for individuals that aren’t any-smokers and in wonderful health continuing on all the way down to the quality premium for shoppers with minor health problems and who could have previously smoked however are no longer active in that habit.

The shows that in comparison facet by facet someone in their twenties or thirties are able to get a bigger health insurance policy at a much less pricey rate than someone who is fifty or elder. Somebody who is healthy does not smokes and avoid extreme usage of alcohol and keep on from medicine also will relish constant edges of a larger policy worth with a lower price in, comparison to somebody who has bad habits that are really dangerous for health.

Health insurance firms contemplate smoking a giant deal consequently perpetually certifies to inform the reality when filling out your documents. In fact, some firms really take a look at a urine sample so as to see if you’re full of life smoker. The lowest line up front is so as to relish lower rates for your health insurance you actually ought to abstain from smoking. is necessary for everyone. click here to know more about .

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Best Laundry Hoover DHL 14102D3 Model

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Laundry is something none of us want to do. It is something we are forced to do. But necessity is the mother of invention, and it is necessary today that our work of doing the laundry is made easier. It is out of recognition of this necessity that the Hoover Company developed the HOOVER DHL 14102D3. It has special built-in appliances which will make our lives easier, and that too at an affordable cost!

So let’s dive right in the price comparison.

You can buy this product at the simple price of 299.99 pounds, but in order to make the purchase even simpler, you can buy it for an exceptional deal where you only have to pay 15.01 pounds a month! For this small price, you get great advantages: the washing machine has a capacity for 10 kg worth of laundry clothes, meaning a large amount of clothes can be washed very easily; this means that if you have a workload on one certain day, you can avoid the laundry and do it the next day, mixing up clothes worn yesterday and today, allowing you to save time and be efficient. It often happens that we are in a hurry when doing laundry, and this washing machine realizes that. It helps you to get done with your laundry quickly. Its spin speed of 1400 rpm will allow you to get done sooner than most machines will allow you too. Just to give you a sense of perspective, let me give you an example: if you have laundry that weighs 1.5 kg, you can do a quick wash and be done with the laundry in just 14 minutes! No other washing machine will offer you this much leverage, especially not at the cost at which you can buy the HOOVER DHL 14102D3. So you already know that this product is worth its price, but how does it stand in comparison of price with other washing machines? Other companies advertising similar products with the same features are giving at least triple the rate as their price. In one case, the washing machine is not even of the capacity to hold 10 kg worth of laundry and still costs more. Hence, we believe that with comparison with other companies, this washing machine qualifies as cheap and still remains efficient. You can look up yourself and compare and save. There are many UK price comparison sites that you can look up to help you out. For more info, check out:

So what are our views on the retail prices?

The product will be sold to you, after the list price of 299.99 pounds, from retailers who in all likeliness will deliver the product right at your doorstep for a free delivery; most, however, will prefer that you come and take the product after they’ve ordered it from their own shop. In order to get that delivery at your doorstep however, you might need to pay an amount that averages up to about 20 pound, making the amount spent in total something like 320 pounds, which, as we asserted before, is incredibly cheap.

It is best, however, if you look up a number of retailers selling this product, because if you compare retail price then you will find that each retailer has their own cost added to it of delivery. You have to find the retailer most close to your location and adjust accordingly. Each retailer will also offer their own set of deals: one, for example, might charge a certain amount for installation. Another might offer services to your previous appliances and charge for that—there is also a deal involved of monthly protection, where you pay a certain amount every month in the rare chance that something should go wrong and cost extra; in such an event, you won’t have to spend absurd amounts of money in a short amount of time—you will have this monthly protection program to lean on.
Let’s look at what customers have to say.

One customer points out that the product is very easy to use; this comes to us as no surprise since it has been designed specifically to ease the burden on people and remove the complexities that they face in their everyday lives while trying to do their laundry. From some 190 reviews, the overall rating of the quality of the product has been a 8.2 out of 10, and these numbers speak for themselves! Another important characteristic of this product which boosts its approval ratings is the noise factor: when washing, it only makes a 60db(A) noise, and when spinning, only 81db(A). These are comparatively less loud in comparison with other washing machines, and hence, this is also one reason why people prefer the HOOVER DHL 14102D3.

The washing machine comes with 16 different programs that easily accommodate almost all sorts of washing; these programs make it easy to wash baby clothes, clothes with dark colors, and also facilitate the washing of clothes  which require variable temperatures. But that is not all. Along with spin variability as well as spin stability, this product ensures Wi-Fi connection, meaning that you can literally keep an eye on your clothes through your phone. All you need to do is download an app that connects you to your washing machine.

This washing machine is good for the environment as well: the annual water consumption of the HOOVER DHL 14102D3 is only 12900 liters. If you compare this with the amount of water that is used by other machines, you will be astonished at how much water you save with this piece of modern technology. Finally, you also prevent excessive energy consumption, which also lessens the burden on your wallet: per year, only 239kWh are consumed by this washing machine, and that too, in comparison with other machines, is low.

Overall, we believe that if you make this this purchase, it will leave you satisfied. At a low price, it offers many advantages other machines do not.

Personal Loans

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When it comes to borrowing money for practically any reason, a Southern Personal Loan is a great choice. After all, what is Southern Hospitality if we aren’t lending you a hand? With flexible terms and borrowing limits, we work with you to find a loan that fits your needs. The loans may be secured or unsecured. We make financing convenient and affordable with set monthly payments and fixed interest rates. Learn more about your loan options:

  • Cash Reserve
  • Vehicle Leasing
  • Home Equity Line
  • Credit Cards
  • Automotive

Ash Reserve Line of Credit*

In case of an emergency or accidental overdraft, Cash Reserve can be a lifesaver. Just write a check and write yourself a loan anytime, anywhere.

Get an automatic line of credit built right into your checking account to cover overdrafts.
Use your own checks or make a loan directly from your reserve account with special Cash Reserve checks.

There is no charge to establish a Cash Reserve. – Finance charges only accrue when you use it.
Funds are advanced to your checking account in the amount that you need.
Reserve Plus Line of Credit*
This has all the advantages of Cash Reserve, plus larger lines of credit are available at lower interest rates. The variable interest rate you pay is based on the amount of credit line approved and is tied to Southern Bank’s prime rate.

Home Equity Line

A Southern Bank EquityLine allows you to borrow using the equity you’ve built in your home and taking advantage of the current low rates, as well as the potential tax deductibility. Pay for you child’s education, buy a car, renovate the kitchen or take that second honeymoon you’ve been dreaming about by writing an EquityLine check.

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Visa Platinum Credit Card

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The Southern Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card offers competitive rates with a wide range of valuable features, safety benefits and the option to earn rewards.

Purchase APR 1 of 10.99%-21.99% based on your creditworthiness
No annual fee
Earn rewards with optional enrollment in BankMiles®2
Cell phone protection 3 when you pay your monthly cell phone bill with your eligible Southern Bank. and this cellphone must need to reset code of any kind of visa or master card's.

Visa Platinum Credit Card

Instant cash advances at any ATM (PIN required)
Set up recurring bills to be paid automatically each month using your Visa card 4
Travel and Emergency Assistance Services 3
Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver 3
Replacement of lost or stolen cards and zero liability for promptly reported fraud
Exclusive Visa discounts
Normal credit approval applies.

1. APR (Annual Percentage Rate) – The Prime Rate used to determine your APR is the Prime Rate as published in The Wall Street Journal on the last business day of the preceding calendar month. The current Prime Rate as of 10/20/2014 is 3.25% and may vary. The transaction fee for cash advances is $5 or 3% of the amount of the cash advance, whichever is greater. The transaction fee for foreign transactionsis 2% of each transaction after conversion to U.S. dollars.

2. Optional BankMiles membership requires an annual fee of $50 which will be charged to your Southern Bank credit card upon enrollment. At that time, 2,500 bonus points will be credited to your BankMiles account.

3. Cellular Telephone Protection, Travel and Emergency Assistance Services and Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver provided by Visa®. Certain terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Please refer to your Visa Guide To Benefit for further details.

4. If using a credit card, you can avoid incurring finance charges on these monthly bills by paying the amount of the bill charged in full each month.

Tiered Insured Money Market Savings (TIMMS)

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Tiered Insured Money Market Savings

Money market accounts deliver a better interest rate on your savings, with easy access to your funds. Since the interest rates are tiered, the higher your balance, the more you earn. Unlimited withdrawals and transfers in person or at an ATM make it a superior way to save, without tying up your money. Southern Bank offers two types of money market savings accounts.

Tiered Money Market Savings – Minimum opening deposit of $1,000.
Premium Tiered Money Market Savings – Minimum opening deposit of $25,000.

Federal regulations impose certain withdrawal limitations on Money Market Savings Accounts. You are not permitted to make more than six (6) preauthorized transfers, automatic or telephonic transfers or withdrawals from a Money Market Savings Account per statement period. “Telephonic” transfers or withdrawals include those made through a phone system, an online banking service, or personal computer. No more than three (3) of the six (6) may be payments by check, draft, debit card, or similar order payable to a third party. There is an additional charge for excessive transfers or withdrawals. You may make unlimited withdrawals in person or through an ATM (non-Southern Bank ATM fees will apply). We are required by law to close or change your account if you repeatedly exceed these limits.

Premium Insured Money Market (PIMMS)

Public Insured Money Market Checking is a commercial analysis account, which means that the account is charged a service charge on analysis basis. This method of determining service charges takes into consideration account balance and account activity.

Available only to public institutions
Unlimited check-writing
If the daily collected balance is $1,000 or greater, interest is computed at the Money Market rate for the account. If less than $1,000, the rate paid for that day will be the Checking with Interest rate.

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Service of Southern Bank

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From this article, you will be informed about all service of  Southern Bank .

Personal Savings

When you open a Savings account with Southern Bank, you are making a great investment. Our Personal Savings offer the best benefits; from Christmas Club to Money Market Savings to Individual Retirement Accounts, Southern Bank has it all. When it comes to saving, we know what’s important. We work to offer you the best savings options, because you’re important to us. Take a look at what Southern Bank Personal Savings Accounts can offer you today:

  1. Regular Savings
  2. Christmas Club
  3. IRAs
  4. TIMMS
  5. PIMMS

Regular Savings

Perfect for those just starting to save, you can open a Regular Savings account with a low initial deposit. Interest is compounded daily and credited to your account monthly. Use your Visa Check Card or ATM card to make deposits, withdrawals or transfers.

Federal regulations impose certain withdrawal limitations on Regular Savings Accounts. You are not permitted to make more than six (6) preauthorized transfers, automatic or telephonic transfers, or withdrawals from a Regular Savings Account per statement period. “Telephonic” transfers or withdrawals include those made through an automated phone system, an online banking service, or personal computer. No more than three (3) of the six (6) preauthorized transfers may be made by check, draft, debit card, or similar order payable to a third party. There is an additional charge for excessive transfers or withdrawals. You may make unlimited withdrawals or transfers in person or through an ATM (non-Southern Bank ATM fees will apply). We are required by law to close or change your account if you repeatedly exceed these limits.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Individual Retirement Accounts are a great way to start saving for your future. Southern Bank has a great selection of tax-deferred IRA investments to suit your needs. Select from:

Traditional IRAs

These investments have been popular with many Americans for years. In many cases, the contributions are tax deductible and the earnings are tax-deferred until retirement.

Roth IRAs

The earnings are Tax-Free, as opposed to tax-deferred at retirement, while contributions are made with after tax dollars.


Simplified Employee Pensions allow greater flexibility and higher contribution limits than IRAs. Self-employed individuals and small business owners prefer SEPs.

Coverdell Education Savings Account

This savings account allows you to contribute up to $2,000 per child per year for use with secondary and post secondary educational expenses. Contributions are after-tax, and earnings are Tax-Free.


Savings Incentive Match Plans for Employers are salary deferral plans that allow businesses to make matching contributions to their employees’ accounts. SIMPLE accounts are specifically designed for small businesses.

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Estate Planning

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Ensuring Your Wishes are Honored

Your Last Will and Testament ensures your final wishes are honored, providing the management and distribution of assets upon your death. In fact, planning your will and estate is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your loved ones. During the process, it’s also important to choose an executor, or the person you wish to handle your estate.

Choose an Executor With Expertise

Apollo Trust can be named as executor of your estate, so you can feel comfortable that every aspect of your estate plan is carried out. Anyone can be named as your executor – and there is a natural tendency to name a relative or close friend – the responsibility requires time and expertise and can be overwhelming to many. We hope you consider Apollo Trust for this important role.

Naming Apollo Trust as your executor ensures you’ll have experienced, neutral, and efficient professionals dedicated to administering your estate responsibly. We’ll work hard to make the process as pain-free and easy as possible, working closely with your beneficiaries.

As a professional executor, Apollo Trust will receive the same fees as an individual executor, but will have the ability to provide a much higher level of expertise.


Distributing Assets to Loved Ones

A Trust provides managed distribution of your assets while you are living (a living trust) or upon your death (testamentary trust/trust under will). Trusts specify the provisions for investment management and distribution, while assets are held according to your wishes. Trusts can also serve other purposes, like caring for minors or beneficiaries with special needs; providing educational funds for grandchildren; or giving support for charitable organizations.

Choose a Professional, Responsible Trustee

Your trustee will be responsible for distributing assets to beneficiaries according to your directions. It can be a complex task requiring both financial and legal expertise.

Rest assured, if you need assistance, we can serve as professional trustee for you. Our role will be to impartially invest, manage, and distribute trust property, giving you added peace of mind.

Trust Services:

Living Trusts
Testamentary Trusts
Educational Trusts

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Investment Services of Bank

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Personalize Your Investment Strategy

Apollo Trust provides access to full-service Investment Services through Infinex Investments, Inc. – a broker-dealer that focuses on your unique needs. Through Infinex, individuals, corporations, small businesses, foundations, and nonprofit organizations can take advantage of many investment options. Our Infinex advisors can provide guidance you need to help you earn the most on your investments – now and in the future.

Design Your Portfolio Based on Objectives and Risk Tolerance

Your personal portfolio is determined by your investment objectives and risk tolerance, and strategies can range from conservative to aggressive. With expert guidance, you’re able to choose from an array of investment choices, including mutual funds and individual securities, such as equities and fixed income investments.


Full-Service Brokerage

Apollo Trust provides access to full-service Brokerage Services through Infinex Investments, Inc. – a broker-dealer that focuses on your unique needs. Our Financial Advisor, John Kinney, will take a straightforward, comprehensive approach to your brokerage requests. The process begins with listening and understanding your thoughts, goals, tax considerations*, and risk tolerance. John can also assist with choosing from a range of financial options personalized to meet your needs.

Strategies Tailored Just For You

Once we’ve determined how your investment plan will integrate into your existing portfolio and impact your long-term financial plans, John can help implement your investment strategy. He can also suggest an investment vehicle or mix of products to help maximize your overall plan.

Serving All of Your Investment Needs:

Mutual Funds – more than 4,000 different funds available
Stocks – select from stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, or traded Over-the-Counter
Bonds – choose from tax-exempt municipal, U.S. Treasury, Agency or corporate
Life Insurance – Traditional, Variable, or Universal plans
Tax-Deferred Annuities – choose from fixed or variable
Trusts & Estate Planning – full service plans, long-term service

Retirement Planning

Planning for the Future

Serving the Kiski Valley, we know you and your unique, often changing needs. We can also help you plan for a comfortable retirement. Visit John Kinney, our Financial Advisor, located at Apollo Trust. John can discuss your needs and goals and help you prepare a strategy.

Using a mix of products through Infinex Investments, Inc., John can help you save for retirement and maximize your savings today. He can also explain how your retirement plan will integrate into your existing portfolio and its impact on other long-term financial plans.

Diversify with an IRA

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are a specific savings plan that allow you to enjoy tax- deferred earnings on contributions today, and in some cases, a tax-deduction. (Please consult your tax advisor.) IRAs are also an excellent savings tool to help you build funds for retirement.

Traditional IRAs
Self-Directed IRAs
Roth IRAs
IRA Rollovers
Life Insurance & Annuities

As part of your plan, it’s important to consider appropriate life insurance coverage to protect your loved ones. Long-term annuities are also available to help build your wealth and plan for the future.

Life Insurance – Traditional, Variable, or Universal plans
Tax-Deferred Annuities – choose from fixed or variable

Google introduces new Chromebook, low Price

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Google introduces new a Chromebook which is a fast. This new computer that takes you online wherever you are, whenever you want. Use this Chromebook anywhere with all-day battery life, 3G built-in and a full-sized keyboard. Price Starting at $299.

Google introduces new Chromebook, low Price

The Price of google new chromebook starts from only $299.  Now chromebooks are only available in USA & UK.  Details specification of three models are given below:

1. Samsung Series 5 550

  1. 12.1″ (1280×800) display
  2. 3.3 lbs / 1.48 kg
  3. 6 hours of continuous usage
  4. Intel® Core™ processor
  5. 4 GB RAM
  6. Built-in dual band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Gigabit ethernet, and 3G modem (opt)
  7. 1
  8. HD Camera
  9. 2 USB 2.0 ports
  10. 4-in-1 memory card slot
  11. DisplayPort+ Output (compatible with HDMI, DVI, VGA)
  12. Price Starts at : $499

2. Acer AC700

  1. 11.6″ (1366×768) display
  2. 3.19 lbs/1.45 kg
  3. 6 hours of continuous usage
  4. Intel® dual-core Atom Processor N570
  5. 2 GB RAM
  6. Built-in dual-band Wi-Fi and 3G modem (opt)1
  7. 2 USB 2.0 ports
  8. 4-in-1 memory card slot
  9. HDMI port
  10. HD Webcam
  11. Bluetooth 3.0™ Compatible
  12. Price Starts at : $299

Samsung Series 5

  1. 12.1″ (1280×800) display
  2. Starting at 3.06 lbs / 1.38 kg 1
  3. Up to 8.5 hours of continuous usage 2
  4. Intel® dual-core Atom Processor N570
  5. 2 GB RAM
  6. Built-in Webcam3
  7. 2 USB 2.0 ports
  8. 4-in-1 memory card slot
  9. Micro-VGA port with VGA adaptor
  10. Built-in dual-band Wi-Fi and 3G modem (opt) 3
  11. Price starts at: $349

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Know about VA personal loans details

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VA loan for disabled veterans

A VA Loan is a federal program for veterans, members of the military, or a surviving spouse of a veteran purchasing a primary residence. A VA loan allows a qualified borrower to finance 100% of the home’s value and purchase with no down payment

This article may useful for you:
Currency & Interest Rate

  • Purchase
  • Primary Home only
  • 100% with no down payment and sufficient eligibility
  • No monthly mortgage insurance
  • Funding fee may be financed into the loan
  • Unlimited seller contribution toward buyer’s closing cost
  • Gift funds allowed
  • Refinances
  • Primary residence only unless it is an Interest Rate Reduction Refiance Loan (IRRRL)
  • 90% of appraised value plus funding fee
  • There must be an existing lien on the property that will be paid off
  • Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL)
  • Refinance of existing VA loan
  • New loan may include payoff of current VA mortgage and closing costs
  • Appraisal not required
  • Purpose is to reduce the interest rate, shorten the term or convert adjustable loan to fixed loan
  • Current VA mortgage cannot be delinquent
  • No late mortgage payments in the last 12 months
  • Our Loan Officers will work with you to determine which type of loan best suits your needs and budget. Contact your local branch and ask to speak with a Loan Officer.

Southern Mortgages

  • NC Home Advantage Program
  • Property must be located in NC
  • Primary residence only
  • Purchases only
  • New or Existing property
  • Single Family Residence, Townhome, Off Frame Modular Home
  • $87,500 maximum qualifying income
  • 30 year term
  • Up to 97% Financing
  • Not required to be a First Time Homebuyer
  • Must not own another home
  • Up to 3% Down Payment Assistance for qualified borrower
  • PMI required

Our Loan Officers will work with you to determine which type of loan best suits your needs and budget. Contact your local branch and ask to speak with a Loan Officer.

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